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Module 5

Next Steps & Additional Resources

This course is available to you at this website for five years. You can return to it time and again to continue working on the development and implementation of the school or district’s comprehensive school counseling program. Listed below are additional resources the team can utilize.

There will continue to be numerous changes in Oregon school laws as well as in school counseling program best practice. Below are a few thoughts about how your team can stay informed about these changes:

1. Join the Oregon School Counselor Association or the Oregon School Social Work Association and attend their annual conferences. Each association provides information, resources, webinars, and professional development for members.

2. Join the American School Counselor Association or the School Social Work Association of America. Note that members can post questions or calls for help on the ASCA Scene and you can join an ASCA Affinity Group.

3. Be sure someone from the District or ESD is attending the monthly meetings hosted by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon School Counselor Association. The purpose of these meetings is to provide two-way communication between district counseling teams and the Oregon Department of Education/Oregon School Counselor Association as well as to provide the opportunity to discuss topics of concern such as 504 plans, the integration of clinical mental health staff into school counseling programs, etc.

4. Be sure to subscribe to ODE’s Comprehensive School Counseling listserv for updates and relevant information.

5. Oregon School Districts have sent teams to the Hatching Results trainings and you will find a number of webinars and resources (free) provided on their site.