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CSC Course

Welcome! This course is designed to walk individuals and teams through the steps of developing and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program (CSCP) that meets the requirements of the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs). The goal is to assist district CSCP teams  in building the systems and structures to provide comprehensive counseling services to all students in your school.

This course requires about thirty (30) hours to complete and consists of four modules that will cover the four components involved in the development and implementation of your comprehensive counseling program:

  1. Introduction to this course and to the development and implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs in Oregon.
  2. Utilization of advisory councils; creation of beliefs, vision, mission, and equity statements; assessment of counseling needs.
  3. Identification and delivery of evidence-based interventions that address the identified and prioritized needs.
  4. Management and improvement of the team’s CSCP. 

The modules are designed to be viewed in sequential order, as the content builds on itself over the entire course. The professional development provided in this course will provide key knowledge on how the counseling team can build the district’s CSCP and serve as CSCP leaders through the development and implementation stages and then the ongoing program management and improvement stages.

The process of developing and implementing a CSCP often requires two to three years to lay the foundation and then from that point on is constantly updated as the team engages in the Data-Driven Decision Making Cycle presented on p.59 in the Oregon Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.

Oregon’s Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (2018) will be used as the main reference document or “text” for the course. Individuals and teams will be guided through the four modules to specific information within the Framework. Consider downloading and printing the document or having it readily accessible in the team’s Google shared drive.  Note that the course development team made a decision at the outset to not require teams to join ASCA nor use ASCA resources.

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Program Development Template Entries

Template Entry #1 – List the Team Members developing and implementing the CSCP.

Template Entry #2 – Summarize what you will share about ODE’s District Guidance on Counseling Program Personnel Requirements & FAQ Companion Guide.

CSCP Task Completion Template